March 22, 2013

Honey at RHS Wisley

On Saturday 23 March, author Elizabeth Gowing, will be talking at the RHS Gardens in Wisley about her books, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo, and The Little Book of Honey.

Ever wondered what honey made from the nectar of avocado flowers or ivy would taste like? Wanted to make your own honey ice-cream? The Little Book of Honey
takes you around the world and back to your own kitchen, with the flavours of honey from thistle, viper's bugloss and coriander, amongst many others. It offers recipes for breads, cakes, puddings, drinks and dressings, all drenched, drizzled or delicately flavoured with nature's most versatile sweetener.  The Little Book of Honey is the perfect indulgence for the bee-friendly gardener, the gourmet, the sweet of tooth, those looking for inspiration in eating local, and anyone happy to make life an extended honeymoon. It is also a feast for the eyes and for the stomach - a beautifully illustrated book, with woodcut-style illustrations throughout.

Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo was described by The Times as, “A sheer delight; a beguiling, bittersweet story of a lively love affair with a traditional world, as ancient as apiculture.”

At RHS Wisley, Elizabeth will be reading extracts from the books and also sharing some favourite honeys in a tasting session. Details are also on the Wisley website.

If you know a group who'd be interested in having Elizabeth as a speaker, do get in touch with her here. She has previously given talks at schools and universities, museums and bookshops, women's groups, foodie events and book groups, and at a jazz club and a lifeboat station!

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