March 15, 2013

X Factor for books

Seven years after its launch, Literary Death Match is still pulling in bumper crowds. Rupert Hawksley, from The Telegraph, got a ringside seat.

One boxing ring, four prize fighters, a rowdy, lager swilling crowd and … a whole lot of books. Welcome to Literary Death Match, a lively reading event that pits four authors against each other in a knockout competition. Each has exactly seven minutes to impress a panel of judges by reading an extract from their latest work with points awarded for "Literary Merit", "Performance" and the cryptic "Intangibles".

When Adrian Todd Zuniga launched the project in 2006, it caused a stir among critics who applauded his anarchic efforts to modernise the way in which we approach literature. The evenings began to take on a Bacchanalian nature, which attracted a young, avant-garde crowd. It wasn’t long before the likes of Moby and comedian Peter Serafinowicz were on board passing judgement on the brightest young authors.

Literary Death Match

1 comment:

  1. Great idea. Why isn't this on Channel 4 instead of all the usual regurgitated rubbish they serve up?


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